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Eat Chocolate

You may need to taste all six flavors to find your favorite!

The Original

A household recipe for over thirty years, this is the classic chocolate fudge sauce. The Original is a blend of semi-sweet and dark chocolates. It is especially the favorite of families with teen aged and younger children. The Original, like all The Giveback Kitchen chocolate fudge sauces, is both an exceptional hot fudge sauce and a great substitute for Nutella. Unlike Nutella, The Giveback Kitchen chocolate fudge sauces do not include nuts or corn syrup.

Decadent Dark

If you love dark chocolate, go no farther. This is the dark chocolate treat for you and your friends. Less sweet than The Original, but not a bitter dark, Decadent Dark is The Giveback Kitchen’s best selling chocolate fudge sauce. Use it instead of Nutella. Regale in the guilty pleasure.

New Mexican Warm

Our decadent dark chocolate sauce is accented by a touch of ground New Mexican anaheim chile. Not spicy, you will taste the chocolate first and then experience the unique warm finish. Enjoy the earthy flavor. Flavorful and smooth on your palate. Most men prefer it over the other three Giveback Kitchen flavors.

Sugar Free Decadent Dark

In blind taste tests, 1 out of 3 people preferred this Sugar Free Decadent Dark sauce over the same recipe using cane sugar. Using a monk fruit sweetener by Zen Sweet, this incredible chocolate sauce is perfect for everyone on sugar free diets, including most diabetics. No aftertaste. Monk fruit is a vine fruit native to China, discovered by Buddhist monks in the 13th. century.


Cinnamon and chocolate date their origins to 2,000 BC. We combine these timeless and ancient flavors. You will love the taste of the cinnamon tones that we add to our Decadent Dark Chocolate.

412 Yum

412 Yum is the Caramel Fudge Sauce of your dreams. Smooth and just sweet enough. Heavenly. A rich caramel flavor with a hint of vanilla. You will love it on ice cream, with fruit or, of course, out of the jar. Divine intervention for dessert. Now you can also Eat Caramel and Help People.

Help People

Our story starts with the simple idea that we can change the world with Chocolate.
Join us in changing someone’s world.

Every day we are humbled by food. It sustains us. It inspires us. It connects us to community and culture. Because of this, we believe food should be shared physically and metaphorically with all people. Thus we are dedicated to ‘giving back’ in an effort to benefit a broader community from our food. Chocolate sauces may be a guilty pleasure to some, but we like the idea of balancing their fulfilling goodness with assisting Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania & WV in their mission. Please join us in changing someone’s world. Eat Chocolate, Help People.


Meet the team that believes in eating chocolate and giving back.
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Drew Barkley

I love to cook and I love to eat. For me, cooking is both art and therapy. Jan and I co-founded The Giveback Kitchen to combine our passion for cooking and service. While we bring you our sauces in the jar, we also ‘give back’ in our own small way by helping Make-A-Wish® Greater Pennsylvania & Wv grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions.
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Giving back has always been important value to me. Having the chance to give back to Make-A-Wish® Greater Pennsylvania & WV (which helps grant wishes to children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition) is especially meaningful to me having lost my mother to cancer way too young.
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Marketing and Website Design
Max has been leading freelance Web Development projects since 2012 while working as a Strategist at an Advertising Agency (OMD). He enjoys food not just for the flavors but also for the community and culture it procures.


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