We Love Pittsburgh, Our New Home

Jan and I and The Giveback Kitchen relocated from Greater Chicago to the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh about 2 years ago.  While we miss everything that Chicago has to offer and our friends and families, we have found Pittsburgh to be just like Chicago, but with 10% of the people.  We live 7 miles from downtown and can drive there in 15 minutes, not an hour or longer.  Pittsburgh flies under the radar as a large town with big city amenities.

And the people here are genuine and friendly.  It’s easy to make friends and most of them have become acquainted with The Giveback Kitchen.  Now our customer base is in two metropolitan areas as many of our Chicago customers reached out to us for orders, especially during the holiday season.

We still work to combine guilty pleasure with social responsibility.  We are now helping to make children’s wishes come true in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Stay tuned for the roll out of our caramel fudge sauce.  It’s coming in the Spring.

So, remember – Eat Chocolate.  Help People.  We are here for you.

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